Semalt Offers To Consider The Best Free Data Scraping Software

There are different ways to get data from blogs and sites of your preference. Some of the data scraping techniques are suitable for developers and enterprises while the others are meant for non-programmers and freelancers. Web scraping is a complex technique that turns unstructured data into structured information. It is implemented only when we use reliable and authentic software and tools. The following tools interact with sites and display useful data in an organized form.

1. Beautiful Soup:

This Python library has been designed for scraping the XML and HTML files. It is easy to install Beautiful Soup if you are using Ubuntu or Debian system.

2. Import. Io: is a free webs scraping tool that lets us scrape data from both complex and simple sites and organizes it into a dataset. It is best known for its modern and user-friendly interface.

3. Mozenda:

Mozenda is another useful and amazing web scraping program that makes it easy for us to scrape data and capture the content from multiple sites. It comes both in free and paid versions.

4. ParseHub:

ParseHub is the visual web scraping tool that helps scrape both text and images. You can use this program to obtain data from news outlets, travel portals, and online retailers.

5. Octoparse:

Octoparse is the client-side web scraping tool for Windows. It can turn the unstructured data into an organized form without any need of codes. It is good for both programmers and developers.

6. CrawlMonster:

CrawlMonster is a wonderful web scraping program that serves both as a scraper and web crawler. It is widely used by SEO experts and lets you scan sites in a better way.

7. Connotate:

Connotate is an automatic web scraping tool. You just need to request the consultation and provide some examples of how you want your data to be extracted.

8. Common Crawl:

Common Crawl provides us with useful datasets that can be used for crawling our websites. It also contains raw data, and extracted metadata for improving your site search engine rankings.

9. Crawly:

Crawly is an automatic web scraping and data extraction service that can scrape multiple sites, turning their raw data into the structured form. You can get the results in the JSON and CSV formats.

10. Content Grabber:

Content Grabber is one of the most powerful web scraping software. It allows convenient creation of stand-alone web scraping agents.

11. Diffbot:

Diffbot is both a data scraping tool and a web crawler. It turns your web pages into APIs, giving you the best possible results.

12. Dexi. Io: is ideal for professionals and newcomers. This cloud web scraping program automates your data and gets you the desired results within minutes. It comes both in free and premium versions and can handle JavaScript files too.

13. Data Scraping Studio:

Data Scraping Studio harvests data from HTML, XML, PDF documents as well as multiple web pages. It is currently available for Windows users only.

14. FMiner:

FMiner is the visual diagram designer and web scraping software that lets you build projects with its macro recording option.

15. Grabby:

Grabby is an online web scraping service that can be used to scrape data from email addresses and web pages. It is a browser-based program that requires no installation to get the things done.